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What do I have to do before I begin any improvements to my property such as construction, installation, building any structure, landscape improvements, fencing, satellite dish installation or changing the exterior paint color of my home?  











How often are payments due and how can I pay them?

HOA Dues are to be paid quarterly.   Payments or assessments are due on the 1st of the month and are considered late after the 15th of the month.  A twenty dollar late fee will be assessed to the account, plus 21 percent interest. Please insure that your payments are mailed 5 to 7 days prior to the due date to insure timely posting.   

If you would like to save time, please consider signing up for  AUTO WITHDRAWAL (ACH) Paying your assessments by ACH rather than writing a check saves time and prevents being assessed a late fee.  Your checking account will automatically be debited for the authorized amount.  If you are interested in applying for ACH simply sign onto by inputting your Username and password, or if you prefer please contact 4Seasons Management Group for an ACH form.

What is the difference between an Ordinance and a Code Violation?

Sometimes the HOA does receive a request or a concern about code violations within our community.  The City of Thornton has ordinances that must be addressed at the City level and the homeowner needs to contact the Neighborhood Services Division at 303-538-7600, or email at   Below please find a few samples and information about Code Violations in our neighborhood according to the City of Thornton website
Vehicles - Cars and trucks that are not licensed or are not in running condition must be parked in an enclosed garage. Large commercial vehicles and construction equipment may not be parked in residential areas without a valid permit. There are specific criteria that must be met before a permit can be issued. Contact the Code Compliance Division directly for further information.

RVs, Trailers and Motor Homes - RVs, trailers and motor homes may only be parked on the street when actively loading or unloading the vehicle. However, three-day permits are available at no charge twice each calendar year. Permits are available at the Building Inspection Counter located in the City Development Building, 9500 Civic Center Drive (facing Sam's Club). A copy of the registration for the recreational vehicle, motor home or trailer is required at the time of application.

Home Operated Businesses - Some businesses that do not generate customer traffic, noise, or require storage of material outside the home may be allowed to operate from a residence. The City code 18-356 subsection 8 defines home occupations and outlines the provisions of the code - view this code through the City of Thornton ordinances.  Home occupations may require a City Sales and Use Tax Business License. Please contact the Sales Tax Division at 303-538-7400 for additional information. Home occupation approval is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Street and Sidewalk Obstructions - Streets and sidewalks are designed to allow people, pets and vehicles to travel safely. Do not block the street or sidewalk with basketball goals, landscaping materials, overgrown bushes, or other items.

What do I do if I need to report a violation to the City of Thornton.

If you notice potential City Code violations in your neighborhood, report the problem by sending an email to or by calling  (303)538-7517

When reporting a violation, please provide the following...
•    An exact address or description of the location that includes cross-streets and landmarks
•    A detailed description of the problem
•    Your name and phone number unless you prefer to remain anonymous. However, this information is helpful to ensure a thorough investigation, provide the officer the opportunity to gather additional information and inform you of the status.
•    Code Compliance staff is available during normal business hours, Monday – Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.  or visit the Code Compliance office at  9500 Civic Center Drive.  


You will need approval from the Design Review Committee.  First, you will need to fill out an ARC form. or you may obtain a form at ; When filling out the form please be very detailed on the description of your project. Submitting a drawing is always recommended.  Once completed send the ARC form to 4 Seasons Management Group. To get a better perspective on what to follow before you begin your project, please review the CPIII’s Design Guidelines.  When submitting your application please keep in mind that the Design Review Committee has 45 days from the time of receipt to disapprove or approve your project therefore, please submit your application timely!

Noise (Barking) - Animals must not be allowed to bark or make untimely or excessive noise.  Don’t allow your pet to become a nuisance by disturbing the neighborhood.  If you are experiencing an animal that may be in violation of this ordinance, it is suggested that you attempt to communicate your concerns with the animal owner.  If unsuccessful, suggestions and mediation are available through your Animal Control OfficersSnow and Ice - Within 24 hours of the last accumulation, residents must remove the snow and/or ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property.