Design Review Information

Design Review Committee

Before you begin any improvements to your property such as construction, installation, building any structure, landscape improvements, fencing, satellite dish installation or changing the exterior paint color of your home you need approval from the Design Review Committee. Please see some color selections from Sherwin Williams with the approved color selections for your consideration with the link below.



 Design Guideline 2020 

 Architectural/Design Review Application (ARC Form) Revised 08-2018

 Exterior Paint Guidelines  

First, you will need to fill out a Request For Approval .  You may obtain a Request For Approval with this Link or you may contact 4 Seasons Management Group. When filling out the form please be very detailed on the description of your project. Submitting a drawing or manufactures specifications, drawings are always recommended.  Paint samples should be included with the paint color samples being a minimum of 2” x 2” in size, and location of paint usage indicated (trim, body, accent..etc.)  Once completed send the ARC form to 4 Seasons Management Group. To get a better perspective on what to follow before you begin your project, please review the CPIII’s Design Guidelines.  When submitting your application please keep in mind that the Design Review Committee has 45 days from the time of receipt to approve or disapprove or your project therefore, please submit your application timely!

Painting of Homes


Homeowners may repaint their original colors or their existing approved colors without submitting an ARC request.  To repaint a different color they must submit an ARC request and may only choose from the colors in the three approved paint books and the final paint must match the samples and may be checked by the association for color match. Failure to match will require repainting to match.  

If you want to know the color schemes for the Cherrywood Park III you may visit the Management Company and check out a color book for Cherrywood Park III.  Please keep in mind that our Management Company and the Architectural Review Committee will also be inspecting the conditions of your homes’ exterior paint to ensure compliance with Association covenants, conditions and restrictions.  

Fence Maintenance

As our landscape is maturing, so are the fences surrounding our homes.  You may have noticed your fences looking old, grey and discolored.   Prior to re-staining your fence, it must be clean and dry.  A commercial stain works best on new cedar fencing or fencing that is discolored. Please ensure that your fences are thoroughly cleaned and dry prior to applying the commercial stain.

Cleaning can be done by using a high pressure washer, please be careful not to use excessive pressure, which can cause the wood to splinter.  Chemicals may be used, but are not necessary.  In the event chemicals are used, extreme care must be taken to not cause the wood to soften which will destroy the fence surface.  Failure to clean a fence prior to staining may result in undesirable results which may require that the entire fence be replaced.

When using commercial stains, HOA approval is not required if stains that have been pre-approved.   The approved Cherrywood Park HOA stain products for fences are listed on this page.

Any other stain or colors that you may want to use will require HOA approval and will require the submission of a color stain sample.  Only clear or semi-transparent stain will be considered. PAINTS are not acceptable. As the Board of Directors reviews the condition of the exterior surfaces surrounding our homes, please keep in mind that the Management Company and the Architectural Review Committee will soon be inspecting the condition of fencing around homes to ensure compliance with the Association covenants, conditions and restrictions.

Approved Stain Colors

Penofin - Blue Label  - Clear or Cedar
Ultra Premium - Transparent Cedar or Transparent Western Red Cedar
Behr - Natural or Cedar Naturaltone
Olympic - Desert Sand, Carmel or 716 Cedar Naturaltone
Cabot - S-P-F-24, Natural Clear Solution or Cedar
Preserva Wood – Redwood or Cedar Fir
Thompson Water Seal – Clear or other clear non-pigmented sealers may be used.

  Request for Approval